2018 Honorees

Our 2018 Hispanic Leadership Forum Honorees

Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in 2017, to the point that the effects are still felt today. Thousands passed away and many more still do not have basic access to water, food, electricity, and medical care. This year, the Hispanic Leadership forum wanted to recognize groups and individuals who dedicated their time and resources to assisting those who suffered the effects of Hurricane Maria. Thank you to Hampton Roads Reconstruyendo a Puerto Rico, Mercy Chefs, Dive Hearts, De Rican Chef, and La Vista Optical for your commitment to bettering the lives of the people of Puerto Rico.

2017 Honorees

Our 2017 Hispanic Leadership Forum Honorees

This year, we wanted to recognize two educators who have dedicated themselves to improving the lives of those in their community, Hispanic and non-Hispanic. Thank you to Dr. Mavel Velasco and Dr. Almarie E. Munley for your commitment to education.